So What’s The Deal With Melbourne Beach Gardens?

Hey there- my name is Brian and I run Melbourne Beach Gardens.  You may be wondering what we do here..

Well, here’s the rundown-

1) We grow and sell live plants that can give your Florida yard the exotic tropical jungle look.

This is our area of expertise- plants that we work with specifically to create a lush rainforest look.

You can obtain our live plants either by setting up an appointment with me (see contact info below) or by attending one of the open garden tours, where we have the live plants available. (Check the “tours” link at the top for the date and time of our next open garden date.)


2) We import and sell colorful and unusual fresh cut tropical flowers for decorative use in the home, office or workplace.

These are available as pre-bundled bouquets and we also make beautiful tropical flower arrangements for events, parties, home decor or businesses.   We offer these flowers at very competitive rates compared to your common florist.

Want fresh flowers in your home every week? We can do that.   Need a few knockout tropical arrangements for an event you are planning?  No problem- your guests won’t believe their eyes.

Our flowers are exactly what you would see on a tropical vacation to Tahiti, Hawaii or Costa Rica, or perhaps decorating your cruise ship to the Caribbean.

We import our flowers directly from the jungles of Central America, which is why you just can’t find what we offer anywhere else!

Contact us directly for your tropical floral needs – see information below.


3) We also host open garden tours!   Melbourne Beach Gardens has been growing into a lush jungle for 10 years now, and we have great examples of  plants we sell growing on the grounds.  (See the photo at the top of our site)  Check the “tours” link at the top for the date and time of our next open garden tour & sale.   ..and yup, you guessed it, the garden is located in Melbourne Beach :)


Have any questions, or inquiries?  Contact me directly at:

or call 321-960-8928


And since you read this far, here is a picture of something you just don’t see everyday- a bathtub full of tropical flowers!        ..getting ready for a sale the next day :)

Tropical cut flowers floral arrangement heliconia ginger ti


2 Responses to So What’s The Deal With Melbourne Beach Gardens?
  1. Peter O Miller III
    April 19, 2012 | 9:13 am

    I have used Melbourne Beach Gardens For several events including our Opening Weekend, Private Parties, Member Guest tournement, US Seniors and many other high-end events where attention to detail and prompt delivery schedules are a must. We can’t thank Brian and his team enough for the great product that he delivers. He is one of our Premiere Vendors At RedStick Golf Club. -Peter Miller, General Manager RedStick Golf Club

  2. admin
    April 25, 2012 | 9:08 pm

    Thank you Pete :)

    It is always a pleasure supplying RedStick Golf Club with tropical flowers!

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